Friday, September 11, 2009

young enough to know the right car to buy, yet grown enough not to put rims on it

Italian Resturant in Chicago

It is 4 months before my 30th birthday. I like aging. Really, I do (so far so good). I like it because I get further away from the mistakes I made in the past.

However 30 feels different. It feels like it's got clout. It feels like before turning 30 I need to be able to "back it up". As a little girl, and even a younger woman I had grand aspirations for 30. I imagined like most little girls:

  • a perfect husband (insert gorgeous, successful sweetheart here)
  • perfect children (insert well-mannered, healthy, green-eyed darlings here)
  • a perfect career (insert paid well for my hard work as a drama therapist here)
  • a well-kempt green-lawn (insert manicured grass here)
  • and a mortgage (insert huge bill for charming bungalow in a nice part of the city here)
Turns out I've accomplished nada on that list.
  • I rent a 2 bedroom apartment
  • If I was a drinker, my job is the kind of job to drive you to it (actually it would drive you well past "drink" and straight to "drunk")
  • I don't even have a pet.
In order not to focus on the above list, I need a list more maneagable. 4 months is not long to accomplish all the above things, therefore the "New 30" list was born. And I must accomplish it in 4 months, but the best part about the New 30 is that I don't have to depend on mortgage companies, realtors, supervisors, the stork or a man to accomplish it.

The New 30
  • Forgive myself for my 20's (and hope that others forgive me)
  • Learn how to make my great-grandmother's cinnamon rolls & my mama's sugar cookies
  • Finish 3 books on my upcoming "staycation"
  • Finish paying off debt
  • Quit taking everything personally
  • Forget about preconceptions about what I should have "accomplished" by 30.
  • Quit counting my divorce as my own personal failure
  • Quit "keeping score" "taking data" on myself
  • Go to the Rivermarket grocery
  • Look for a new(er) vehicle & save downpayment
  • Talk to my boss about a raise
  • Keep in better touch with my grandparents (1 letter per month)

title courtesy of JayZ - 30 something


Sweet Escape said...

I totally feel you on this turning 30 thing!!..i'm not too far from 30 yourself, i am enjoying it!!! see things in a different light!!!

Ashley said...

Your new list sounds much more realistic & much more manageable. I like it better.

I think we set our goals based on what we "should" according to society. & I think it's time to change that. In this world that's spinning so fast, it's hard to have everything figured out before you're 40.

Tami said...

will you share the recipes to the sugar cookies and cinnamon rolls?

i have some of the things on your list and life still has it's ups and downs....

Lisa said...

Love your new list :)

I would also love the recipes.

I hope 30 ROCKS!

Laura said...

Cinnamon rolls, a must!