Monday, September 7, 2009

darling, I wish you well, on your way to the wishing well

what I scored this weekend for hardly any $$$
MajRThrift had a big sale...
  • vintage pyrex pitcher w/ lemon design (we owned this same pitcher circa 1985) (1.71)
  • a big stock pot w/ lid (2.48)
  • a book for Keenan (.49) & one for my future offspring (.99)
  • a small Peter Rabbit child's plate (.48) (I have a problem: shopping for my non-existent-yet-baby)
  • a pair of Gap jeans (14.99) (I have the same pair in a different wash, that cost me 60 dollars & they are my faves!)
  • a cream sweater dress (1.50)
  • 1 scarf (.50) & one cream pashmina (2.00)
  • a black DKNY suede overnight bag (2.50)
  • a zip up adorable hoodie (4.00)
Movie lately viewed...
  • Sunshine Cleaning- stars my girl, Amy it, it moves a little slowly, but it's definitely a 4 star movie
  • Facts of Life - 3 stars- Lucille Ball & Bob Hope 1960
  • The Way we Were 5 stars- an old fave, but it was on this weekend and I can't resist it

Blogs I recently fancy

title courtesy of Patty Griffin "Nobody's Crying"

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