Monday, December 21, 2009

I'd swim across lake Michigan, I'd sell my shoes.

I am ready to do another "weekend agenda" post. I want another weekend. I want another weekend like this one. I got to see two lovely films, went out to dinner with my brother & Keenan, finished my Christmas shopping, finished wrapping presents & making cards, had lunch in the River Market with Josie, spent some time on the phone with my mom, sister and Bre.

I saw A Single Man, there is a lot of buzz about this film, especially about Colin Firth. I thought Colin was amazing---I didn't see "Colin Firth" I believed his character completely and loved the screenplay. It was close to perfection

Also saw An Education, buzz about this for the actress, Carey Mulligan and the movie. I thought the screenplay was good. I liked Carey Mulligan (who also has a bit part in the film Brothers) but I didn't believe she was 16. The actress is 25, and her skin looked 25. Makeup was poor. Also, I thought she must be the most subtle and mature 16 year old ever. I liked Carey's performance, but it could have been so perfect if just once we could have seen the beautiful disaster that is "love at 16 years old".
title courtesy of Sufjan Stevens: To be alone with you

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