Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So we must love while these moments are still called "today"

An update of sorts was called for, by the masses (actually only by Kate). But really, I've been meaning to get on here anyway.

So I've had this "sinus infection" since October. I couldn't hear, I couldn't breathe and I've had a terrible headache, and strangely the more I rested the worse I felt. I had anti-biotics and they didn't work, so then I went back to the doctor thinking I needed another round of antibiotics. She told me everything looked to be an uncontrolled allergy. Allergy to what? I became horrified that mold must be growing unseen in my apartment, that I had suddenly grown allergic to Keenan or something. I started taking my Zyrtec and Flonase, usually reserved for hay fever season and started to feel a little better. Then I sat down last Friday night and began to watch The Medium.

The episode showed the medium, Alison getting a round of tests from FEMA...and the technician asked her "Are you sleeping on a feather pillow, you shouldn't be, you're allergic." Interesting. Then I began to think of how I sleep on all feather pillows (3 of them) and with a down comforter. If I was allergic to feathers I was seriously sabotaging myself. Intrerestingly, my brother, sister and father are allergic to feather pillows. Time for a clinical trial.

So, for the past 5 nights, no feathers in my sleeping environment, keep taking the allergy stuff, because the doctor mentioned that the allergic reaction in my sinuses was significant. I am now waking up without a headache. My ears are slowly (very slowly) receding in pressure and I am feeling less congestion.

I am realizing I may have found the solution without having to make an appointment with an allergist. Fingers crossed, I keep improving.

Onto all things weekend: Last weekend was abysmal. I was on-call. Sometimes that means nothing, no one calls all weekend. Other times, like last weekend, it is hell on wheels.

However in the midst of chaos I still had time for a dinner date with Keenan at my favorite restuarant Blanc Burgers & Bottles, and we also procured decor decorated our Christmas tree-- it's very matchy in shades of coffee gold, white lights and a bird topper. It even has one present beneath it, for a girl that hated Christmas, I have come a long way.

I am so happy to turn my phone off this weekend for things like...

Farragut Northat the Unicorn
the film Brothers
Finishing up Christmas shopping & a little crafting
Baking (yeah!) for a mandatory cookie exchange at work (6 doz, it's brutal, boo)
NFL Football
Copious amounts of cocoa

title courtesy of the Indigo Girls, History of Us

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Ashley said...

I am happy for the update as well. & I'm super glad you found the culprit for your ickyness. That's always good! I love when seemingly random things happen... for a reason. It makes me believe in fate. :)