Monday, December 14, 2009

your faith was strong, but you needed proof

The weekend flew by. Knocked some things off the weekend agenda...
  • The movie Brothers was intensely fantastic and has me all ready for Oscar season. Jake Gyllenhal was fabulous, and Toby Maguire had a strong performance. Also the screenplay is AMAZING. So real.
  • Randy's (step-dad) 50th birthday party went well. We met in Topeka at Outback Steakhouse. My niece and I colored. She wanted to order ribs, she's 4.
  • About half of my Christmas shopping is done
  • Baking was successful
  • Watched Four Christmases on demand and thought it was cutely typical
  • Meaningful amounts of hot liquids (tea & cocoa)
  • Watched FB with Dad, Cam & Matt at Kites in Shawnee
  • Missed my girlfriends but kept up with their antics via text message
  • Read a self-help book that did not help me

title courtesy of Jeff Buckley, Hallejuah (although I prefer to listen to the Rufus Wainwright cover of it)

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Which self help book? Because I don't want to read it.