Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you love it when it's wet and cold and raining

I find myself so overwhelmed with life lately. 

There are one gabillion things (exactly) that I want to be doing at any given moment.  I realize suddenly why parents break into their children's Ritalin supplies (I kid, I kid).  Because we do not have to have day care (HOORAY$!) our schedule is VERY specific and what it is missing is time for me.  Time for me to do really anything without a baby attached or right next to me (i.e. her bouncy seat lives in our bathroom so that I can shower and get ready with her near) and if she is near me then she is thus not crying--I suppose I should get over it a bit but I loathe the crying, physiologically I cannot do anything other than listen to the crying if it is within earshot.

The issues:
  • not enough sleep
  • not enough hours in the day
  • not enough motivation to overcome the desire to procrastinate
Things I would rather do: (prompt 25 on 30 days of lists blog)

  • stage a cute photoshoot with Sloane's huge straw hat (it's the Kentucky Derby this weekend)
  • scrapbook (I guess I did do a tiny bit of that lately)
  • evidence of further procrastination

  • watch mindless TV on my DVR (I almost wrote VCR, yep I'm that tired)
  • do little home improvement projects
  • buy this birdcadge photo holder and alter the clothespins for it
  • thrift store shopping (even grocery shopping would be welcomed)
  • lounge lazily and listen to Mumford and Sons while I analyze their lyrics
Instead I must:
  • quit blogging and get to work!
  • pay bills
  • send bills
  • grocery shopping
  • figure out mother's day presents for all the mommas in my life
  • find a graduation gift for my sister (YAY TAY!)
  • figure out a new nighttime routine and get Keenan on board
  • look for a new place to live (lease is running out soon and we want a kid-friendlier neighborhood)
  • take care of kiddo
  • deal with all things babyfeeding/pump cleaning/bottle sterilization/milk freezing and thawing la la la
  • remember to eat
At least I remembered to:
  • send out a thank you note and photos
  • pay rent
  • send out mother's day photo cards to Sloane's grandmothers (thank you tinyprints sale)
  • my mother's day shot for grandmas
lyrics by Oscar the Grouch: The Grouch Song (a classic, in my humble opinion)


Ashley said...

I love the big straw hat!

Moving is enough stress in & of itself. I will be moving soon & just thinking about it causes immediate panic attacks.

Katie said...

sometimes I forget what it's like to have one that little in your life...I don't envy you...well...maybe a little. Hang in gets better by the day and soon you'll be wishing for the time they didn't want to be away from you and all you did was cuddle!

UpperBottom said...

hi, first time visitor here.

i'm so feelin ya on this. my son is 13 months and between caring for him, my job, my husband, housework, BLOGGING... i'm spent. i love doing it all though.

i also love my real housewives. : (