Thursday, May 19, 2011

lima bean lima bean does whatever a lima bean does

She lives with two parents who have a penchant for nicknames

Sifting through old photos I'd yet to scrap here is one
from the birth announcement of my bff's first son: Maxx.
I'm a little behind, he was born Feb 29th 2008

My bff's second son: Quinn was born January 28th 2011
(we are already planning their eventual wedding)

 more of the little champ: how great of a name is Quinn!?
I love it!

In other news:  so the nursery is complete.  My baby is 5 months old. My excuse was that she was born early, although she was only born 5 weeks early not 5 months... (fail).  Finished the last DIY project (at least until we move this summer) Pictures and post to follow!  (Of course I will have to remove all the baby stuff that is actually awesome but looks well, like baby-stuff and that will allow for all my shabby-chic and DIY gloriousness to shine).

tutorial here
Speaking of's one I've had on my favorites bar forever (over a year) to try.  I must find a foot board I like now that it's yard saling season again (HOORAY!). 

Sloane turned 5 months old over the weekend.  My baby sister graduated from nursing school.  And I celebrated my first mother's day...all of these things made me feel a little bit like time was flying. 

I know this was a boring post, but I really wanted to update, even though I suppose that is as banal as speaking just to hear your own voice. 

title courtesy of Keenan (the lima bean's father) who adapted the hit song "Spider Pig" sung by Homer Simpson.

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Ashley said...

5 months already?! No way!

Congrats to your sister! & congrats on your first mother's day :)