Thursday, May 26, 2011

they love to tell you stay inside the lines

my newest little stack of vintage (50's & 60's) bookish goodness (the bottom one is The Secret Garden)

a little toybox bench for Sloane, skirt for mommy & cup for the nursery

isn't it precious?

Lately I've been fighting my urge to join pinterst, as I know I will get addicted to it and I don't have enough time as it is...but it's oh so lovely there. 

Browsing a few new blogs I <3
Doing a little scrapping in honor of my sister's graduation.  So proud of her.  She will be attending nurse practitioner school next fall to earn her doctorate (I am jealous as I used to be the sibling with the most education). I thought she looked adorable in her little old school nursing uniform.  Isn't it a great tradition that they still take these photos.  Apparently the little hat indicates the degree of BSN and the white scrubs indicate her being an RN.  Her little nursing lapel pin is on her left shoulder and they said the pledge of Florence Nightingale at her pinning ceremony.

I did a little arrangement of candy in apothecary jars with handmade Rx labels for her table.  I didn't snap a picture but I did snap a pic of the sample bottle I made to show my mom (those are yellow mini m&ms).  It turned out pretty cute, I will have to track down a photo.  The Rx labels were things from my sister's life.  One of them was an Alice in Wonderland theme "drink me" and one was a Breakfast at Tiffany's homage: "to cure the mean reds".   We did get a pic of my mom's amazing nurse cake though.  Too cute.  (the bottle collection is right to the right of the photos of my sister and her friend (they had their reception together at a hotel). 

So ready for the weekend.  Can't wait to see what the days will hold, hopefully some relaxation and lovely weather. Hope your holiday weekend is all you want it to be!

title courtesy of John Mayer: Real World


Ashley said...

That cake is awesome, lOVE the apothecary idea (apothecary jars are an obsession), & HELLOOO this is my favorite layout of yours! Looove it.

Ashley said...

& PS you just have to join pinterest... I refused for the longest time. Now I have SO many ideas for stuff!