Saturday, May 21, 2011

in the wee small hours of the morning

Not the best photo but some great little finds this weekend at yard sales.  3 vintage books (A Tale of Two Cities, Works of Voltaire & The Secret Garden) some books for Sloane including A Bad Case of Stripes (which is about a girl who loves lima beans, had to have this book as that is the only thing we called Sloane until after she was born), the Xyron 500 & a brand new cartridge (for a mere 5), pretty blue polka dotted H&M dress and a NY & CO blouse for work, plus the photo of the Golden Gate Bridge for Keenan (he owns another bridge in the series of 3 created for Target) oh & there are two ink pads on top of the stack of books-- for scrapping of course, I can't pass up ink for 50 cents. 

I also bought a chicken costume (not pictured) for Sloane-- it's adorable and I am already planning a photo shoot for it with my step-fathers gaggle of baby chicks (are chicks a gaggle or are only geese a gaggle?). 

I also spent some time at the thrift store buying some art in ugly frames that I am going to get framed for father's day for K. 

My sister is quite honestly the funniest person I know, so when she thinks something I say is funny I feel uber-important.  While we waited for her take out sushi inside the restaurant my mother waited (impatiently) in her car in the parking lot.  I suggested to Taylor that we should walk out dead pan to mom in moustaches bought from the 50cent machine in the restaurant.  We bought them and did it.  Mom found it hilarious and it seemed to dissolve her impatience and put us right back into her good graces as she snapped a picture and sent it to our brothers with the text "taking Shan & Tay for a wax".  There were about 10 styles of moustaches and only 1 was grey...Tay got the lucky little egg that held a grey moustache, which I appreciated because I love looking like the younger one. 

no make up, ponytails, hoodies and facial hair...awesome

In other news Sloane has been sleeping in her own room for about 2 weeks.  That project is done-- turns out it was more our anxiety dictating that her little cradle needed to be parked two inches away from us while she slept.  She sleeps better in her nursery and has been lying down awake for naps and soothing herself to sleep- major WIN in our house. 

The next hurdle is getting her out of her cradle and into her crib before she outgrows it...also we I would love for her to be able to make it through the night without nursing.  She did it for 3 glorious nights of 8 hours of sleep in a row(!) while we were at my parents house last weekend.  Turns out she was just showing off for her grandparents (they now are certain she is a perfect little specimen of human life). 

We got home and suddenly she is still waking up at 1:45a and 4:45a and 6 am, as if to say to both her father and I: "I do what I want and you two fools have to live with it!"  I try to settle her without feeding her, but it seldom  never works.  What's up with people always saying "slept like a baby" and meaning they slept well...they obviously don't mean slept like my baby.

this garment is called a "sleeper" (sleep is sold separately)
Not sleeping isn't too troublesome, it's sort of what we signed up for, it's just that sometimes in the middle of the night it's hard to remember that, especially at 4am.  I am hereby convinced 4am is the worst time of the entire 24 hours of a day. 

title courtesy of old blue eyes: in the wee small hours


Ashley said...

Great finds!

Ugh it seems lack of sleep would be one of the most difficult parts of adjusting to a newborn.

Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

My kids sleep well at their grammy and grampy's house, too. I think it's all of the stimulation.

Lovely update, Shan :) Kiss that girl for me!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

you should try 3 am... equally grueling, but i'm sure you have had the occasion in the recent past? it does get better (everybody's saying that) and then they grow into a teenage person.
(some of the time only)...

i've enjoyed your post. very much.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hi lisa, i can only get back on here, since i seemed not to be able to track down an e-mail adress of yours. cheers for you reply.
nice to meet you too, and hands down to the 4 am, crew. your daughter is a clever cookie!