Friday, December 16, 2011

remember to let her into your heart....

  Ceramic Ornament
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After an epic fail trying to do a DIY handprint ornament with a child who is 1). too old to sleep through the inking of her hand and 2) too young to bribe to hold still.  I decided on these ceramic ornaments for the grandparents.  Hopefully Breann has better luck with Q. Although, next year-- DIY. 

When time runs short it's so easy to spend more money.  Ugh.  Luckily I had a discount code and the ornaments were on sale.  But it will be replacing a gift for the grandparents, instead of tied to the package like the much more economical handprints were going to be.  Such is life.   

Tonight Sloane is joining her cousins at my mom's for the annual gingerbread house building night.  They craft some stuff for us parents and get to eat treats.  She will have fun and I will have time to get some more of my crafts done.  Crossing my fingers that they turn out better than the failed ornaments.

title courtesy of The Beatles: Hey Jude 

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Ashley H said...

Love the idea of the handprint ornament! Yay for some time to get crafty!