Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I gotta get up from this waiting at home (The Shame Files Series:Organize or Else)

Welcome, to a new blog series, that I am calling "The Shame Files". I know that "shame" is greatly looked down upon in our modern self-esteem boosting culture. But frankly shame is just what I need to motivate me into ACTION.

Here are the excuses.  We've been super busy. Step-sister got married in Aug. Brother got married in September, We got married in October. We have a two-year old.  The holidays. I lost my grandmother. We have a two year old.  In the midst of all of that we both took on freelancing jobs that made us even busier.  And thus our previously organized place became a lot less so.

Hallway bookshelf that contains a nativity snow globe, washi tape and broken frame.
Kitchen utility shelf-- dumping ground
Top of the refrigerator YIKES!! 
Hall linen closet--looks great since I spent 2 hours on it, now just to make it even better
Medicine cabinet -- wasted space
Below the bathroom sink= Keenan's area & where I hide the tampons...help!

Sloane's closet, the floor of it is littered with diaper boxes full of clothing that she has outgrown
And the shame-de-resistance:  the current state of our bedroom.  DOUBLE HELP.

I wanted to attack the clutter in our home and get back to some normalcy, but I knew I just didn't have the gumption to do it without a little more motivation. Thus, this blog series was born. There are even more things in our house that need organized (gasp, I know it's shameful). So each week I will post one of the shameful sins and the progress I am making. Until I can too be called one of Oprah's Highly Organized saints.

Of course every battle needs weapons and I have mine.

(Semi)Public shame = motivation
Pinterest = inspiration

I'd love to have any of you join me in my shame, misery loves company.  I will be having a link party on Tuesdays and would love to steal your ideas to use in my next post see your progress.

For this week I will be perfecting the linen closet, because I believe in immediate gratification.  Here's a cute idea I saw on Pinterest (duh).

Great post on organizing her linen closet, and I have to steal the labeling w/ the clothes pins

title courtesy of the Counting Crows: children in bloom


Meg said...

Hey, I like your inspiration there :-) And can I just say THANK YOU for being honest about your cluttered, but LIVED IN home. It's nice to know I am not alone. And hey, life happens. And best of all - your getting a grip on it before you find yourself auditioning for an episode of hoarders. I love this series idea! Since I have been combing through my house in an effort get organized, I will have this great place to share my accomplishments.

Looking forward to it!

Kathe said...

Even though we own our home I am so copying the scrapbook paper in the med cabinet! That way I can change it out as my moods change :-) Thanks for inviting me over to your party!