Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'll breathe again (The Shame Files: Organization Series)

Is this picture enough to depress you or what?! It was for me.  It spurred me right into action and into this blog series:  The Shame Files.  

Ok, first time I've hosted a link party so I am hoping that my inlinkz link below actually functions and you can even post pics of your pretty new organized spaces. I decided that I needed a small project to begin with (so I could immediately feel less shame and more gain). Smallest space = medicine cabinet & I recently organized the linen cabinet in our hallway so I thought I could upgrade that a bit (using Pinterest ideas) and sticking to a strict budget (I spent 3 dollars). Here we are before...
I have lots of containers and lots of junk.

I scoured Pinterest and found this adorable post on a linen closet (and became a follower too!) I just loved how coordinated her closet looks but with already owning SO many organization containers I just couldn't justify buying all new ones. So I used her labeling method to try and bring cohesion into the closet. Luckily I had just bought tons of clothespins for a project for Sloane's 2nd birthday party (post on Weds!) and I had circle punched a bazillion circles for the wedding guestbook. I bought 3 new baskets at the dollar store (one for the mr., Sloane and one to stash the tampons in the back). And thus, this was born...

I feel like singing that Toni Braxton "Breathe again" song...
The top shelf stores all of our extra paper products, the second one is all mine, third has the three new basket, although the designated tampon basket lives behind the meds, fourth shelf is wash cloths, my hair towels, and wound care basket, and the fifth is pillow slips, the iron, body towels, and the bottom houses our sheet sets. So glad I didn't utilize that ugly mauve tub they gave me at the hospital. Does everyone have one of those, gross.  What do you do with it?

The next project was even more fun.  Utilizing that space in the medicine cabinet where you are incidentally advised NOT to store medication.  We are renting right now so I couldn't do the fun chalkboard on the inside of the cabinet or line the thing with corkboard but I saw a cute little cabinet on BHG.  And thought that could be something I could accomplish with everything I have and it can easily be taken along with us when we move without causing any damage to the cabinet.

I used double sided tape to affix the patterned scrapbook paper to the back of the cabinet and lined the edges of the shelves with washi tape.  This all matches our shower curtain so it's a pleasant little surprise to open and see. I got that Vera Bradley mug a few years ago in a gift exchange and it was too pretty to use, now it holds our cotton face pads. The owl has a hole in the top perfect for our scissors.

Those little jars at the top are left over wedding favors from October (which originally were baby food jars). They now house bandaids, flossers, bobby pins, tweezers/clippers, and small tubes of Abreva, & chapstick.

Even the Mr. loves it.

Please link up below and let me know what you've done this week to decrease your shame and increase your organization.  You have until next week to complete.  Can't wait to see your results!

title inspired by the old school Toni Braxton: Breathe Again song (you're welcome)


Chris said...

I'll confess. I have multiples of those hospital tubs. I know I had at least three of them. I'm pretty sure I have at least two of them still. One I use when I wash the wool cloth diaper cover, so it has a thin coating of lanolin all over it. Not sure where the others ended up.

Meg said...

I actually did do chalkboard paint on the inside of my cabinet! I thought it was a little strange [although I love it] - but I'm happy to know I've got some back up on that idea.

I LOVE the background of your cabinet. I may have to do that.

Great Job!

Kirsten@One Tough Mother said...

Thanks for linking up! I've done the same :) Your cabinets look great!

Ashley H said...

Wowwee your closet looks great! I am not able to get organized at the moment because I have some icky virus that has knocked me down. Hard.

LOL at the pink basin from the hospital - emesis basin. Doubles as a bedside bath basin.

As a side note, who uses Proactiv? My brother has been using it for a while & got an extra order or something so he gave it to me around Christmas time. I am finding that it is decreasing my breakouts but I hate that the peroxide has ruined all my towels!

Marti @ Sew-Licious Home Decor said...

I linked up to your party, thanks so much for visiting my site and for the invite!!


Lil said...

I'm laughing my head off because of your 'shame files'. That is so awesome!!! I've got a little bit of shame in my place too and am loving organizing every bit of it! Adding you to my RSS and checking if you have a button to add. So glad I found your blog!!! Please come and visit me!