Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You go talk to your friends talk to my friends talk to me

It's not too late to review last year is it?  It's never too late for nostalgia.  

Every time I prepare to write this post I have to compare things to the years past....2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 

A short review of my 32nd year of life...

What I listened to
:  Sadly, what I listened to was a LOT of children's music.  My favorite of them all was Drum Safari  who Sloane and I enjoyed very much live at the 2012 River Festival. Counting Crows had a new album that my sibs and I loved and listened to it a lot. Also loved that Phil Phillips won American Idol and love that creepy somebody that I used to know song that runs through my head whenever I see someone I don't want to and compels me to write a Facebook status (in my head) that merely and cryptically states "cue that Gotye song.". 

Read all about it: I read 25 books this year, I think in part due to my Goodreads challenge/reading progress widget.  That kept me accountable and it's like an adult version of Book-It (without a pizza party, sadly).  My favorites were the Hunger Games Series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (my favorite author of late), and We need to Talk about Kevin.  

In stream of consciousness order: things that rocked my world (or what I obsessed about):I am starting to settle into this mom thing, My nephew was born-- Ledger Matthew, Keenan and I got married (what what!), Matthew & Madeline got married, Heidi & Drew got married (in the gorgeous Colorado mountains), Sloane turned two, I learned I will have another nephew or niece in 2013, and my bff is preggers too (hooray), worrying about the economy, the election is finally over-- Barack Obama was re-elected, The summer OLYMPICS (hooray), The Sandy Hook tragedy happened on Sloane's birthday (we happened to be at a funeral too, for Juanita), my grandmother was placed in hospice, I started contracting with the community theatre to teach a creative dramatics class for 3-5 year olds, I contracted to co-direct a play with Keenan- Anne of Green Gables, I learned I will lose my job (due to the new appropriation of state dollars) in 2014, more worry about the economy.
the year of the bridezilla

Desperately wanting (things I had to have):  I mostly wanted some adorable expensive looking (but actually thrifty) riding boots-- Keenan got me covered for Christmas, love that they are grey. 

Loving on the small screen: Homeland. I am so addicted.


The big screen:  I went to the movie theater one time last year but I made it quite a few times in 2012- Cheers!  I loved the Descendants (which I saw the day before the Oscars) Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and a little humor (and one of my fave comedic actresses Leslie Mann) This is 40.

the you tube:  Donna the deer lady    I'm Farming & I grow it (especially since these kiddos play basketball for my brothers team and are Southeast of Saline Trojans) and as a baseball & pop music fan-- it's hard to top those adorable Harvard Baseball players Call me Maybe cover. 

Here's to your health and happiness in 2013!

Bring it new year, you started out shaky, but I'm going to forgive you, now fix it. 

title courtesy of what Rolling Stone deemed as the #2 song of 2012- We are never getting back together, by Miss T. Swift, my two year old agrees Rolling Stone. I am not sure how many other people agree with you. 

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Ashley H said...

Those boots are SO cute & I cannot believe Bre is having ANOTHER baby. She is a machine!