Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreaming

Welcome to Sloane's sweet little second birthday party (it was over a month ago, but I still haven't collected all the pics from various cameras I wanted to post).  We had a night owl theme party. Her guests ate pizza for dinner and played until 8pm, and wore their pajamas of course.

This little gem used to be bronze. I have two of them in Krylon Watermelon now. 

the little lady...I just adored her pjs

my mama made the cake, I designed it.  S wanted a blue moon and stars

Candy bar

I made the cupcakes and the little owls using a circle punch and a stamp 
my favorite project (it stayed up for days) a little timeline of Sloane's last two years topped with a "happy birthday" bunting

We also had tons of stars & owls hanging from the ceiling and balloons galore, but those photos are on another camera and are for another time.  Even if I didn't photo document the way I wished I had...these people still had fun.
cousin Kolten
The girls: Brielle & Sloane

title courtesy of Taylor Swift: Never Grow Up (sob)

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Ashley H said...

how fun! love that theme :)