Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Honey pick the red corner shoes The ones that hardly ever get used (Shame Files Series: Week 2)

It's time for more shame purging.  I am loving that I am also purging my Pinterest boards as I go as well!

Last week was the first week and we had 7 of you link up.  I loved all the posts from last week.  Here are the highlights I found.

Meg did her spice cabinet (although in my hoarder sensibilities I thought  "I hope desperately you kept that old mustard tin and just cleaned it out, that would make a fabulous little craft someday").

Breann was brave enough to tackle under the sink.  I took one look under mine a couple days ago and thought-- no way am I ready for that yet.  Especially since Keenan has started a new face care regimen that includes oats, honey, olive oil, tea tree oil and other such things now being kept in under our bathroom sink.  Weird/gross.

In my dreams mine will look so nice too.  Someday.

And because I am always looking to do new things on a dime, I especially loved this organization post by Brooke of Blissful Roots (I'm a new follower!)

Check out her white bean tip for keeping your pens standing up so nice:  brilliant!

Hope you all play along this week as well.

I wanted to do something fun this week.  Among my favorite possessions in my home are my books.  Although you wouldn't know it if you saw my hallway bookcase a few days ago.

It was our hallway dumping ground.  The top shelf shows you a conglomeration of things I have yet to put away from the wedding (in October) There's a broken frame and three cookbooks to relocate to the kitchen, a pair of mittens and some washi tape on that second shelf, a nativity snow globe waiting to be put in the Christmas stuff on the third shelf...

I got myself a fabric grocery bag (to take some books to the used book store) and spent a little time on Pinterest gathering inspiration.

This one's my fave-- she has a lovely blog too! 
So I set out to do some organizing and here's what I came up with...Mind you the light in my hallway is atrocious, and of course I finished this last night...so I apologize for the photos being a little lot less than stellar.

 It looks a lot better.  It is still a work in progress though.  I am not happy with the non-fiction shelf (the second shelf from the bottom).  I also had to keep in mind that Sloane sometimes helps herself to the books on that shelf too (not just her own bottom shelf).

I plan to change the quotes up a little bit to go with the month.  I chose an MLK quote about love for February.  The chalkboard is a spray painted old tray.  The frame contains dates of when we met, moved in together and got married, and the little frame holds a domino (just thought it was cute).  Which knocked out 3 Pinterest projects for me.

I just love that second shelf.  The vintage books and the post is a table number (our anniversary day) from my brother's wedding.

The very bottom shelf I left disheveled for the littlest reader in the house, that way all of her books are within reach.

Show me what you got pretty ladies... title courtesy of Let's Make Peace Tonight: by the Indigo Girls


Meg said...

Great job!n I love those owls. I didn't even notice them in the before picture (the first time I looked). And if that is your handwriting on the chalkboard pan then you have awesome artistic abilities. It looks great!

Ashley H said...

Wowza that bookshelf was a mess! Love the after - especially loving that chalkboard quote art piece!