Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So show me family (The Shame Files Organization Series Week 3)

If you are having a time like mine I can see why only 2 people were able to link up this week.  My little 2 year old, Sloane has been running a fever for 3 days now.  Sigh.  Not much time for organization around here.  But I still have one little thing that will help me out today.

The two of you that did link up had the greatest trash to treasure link ups.  Your projects cost you zilch!  My favorite kind of transformations!

Brooke showed us something that we can do for ourselves or make for a gift for others.

And Meg at The Coop showed us a wonderful makeover of her dry goods for kitchen canisters.  And the best part about this one for me was that I had literally bought a canister the night before, then saw her DIY and took it back.  6$ more in my pocket.

Perfect job ladies!  I hope people will have some time to organize this week and share with us.

For my quick project this week I focused on a little thing that drives me crazy.  I loathe when I get home from work, open up my clean dishwasher full of sparkling dishes, getting ready to put them away and see a rogue dirty dish.  It seems my husband feels that if there are dishes in the dishwasher they must be dirty.  I am just not that quick to put away the clean ones folks.

And when I find that dirty fork in there it's like the whole load is ruined (it isn't I know, but my tendencies toward OCD find that hard to accept).  So in order to save more water, energy and sanity.  I created a new little thing to keep my kitchen a little more sane.

Thus, this magnet was born.  I created it using left over supplies from my Christmas coaster project, some paint, ink, a emery board to sand and ModPodg to seal, and a magnet glued to the back.  Pretty simple.  Now if I can only remind myself to change the magnet and my husband to heed it's warning.

Here's a look at another project I'm working on this week.

I am finally going to try my hand at DIY laundry detergent

title courtesy of The Lumineers Ho Hey (That sweetheart song) Don't forget to link up your solutions for diminishing shame in your life. I linked up here:


Meg said...

I make my own laundry detergent! Your house will smell heavenly while your making it. Good Luck!

Meg said...

also, I don't have a link up this week. Last week was insane!

Ashley H said...

That magnet is a good idea. I have seen similar & thought I should make one, but I like yours better. (Lots of great ideas for Scrabble tiles - if only I could ever find a game!)

Lil said...

I added the dirty/clean magnet on my list of things to do about two weeks ago! It looks GREAT! Thanks for the reminder! I have a scrabble set but I need to be on the lookout for more games to use the tiles at the thrift store.

Lil said...

Oh~ and I meant to ask^^^ Why do you add the Ivory Soap? I use the same recipe minus the ivory and never heard of adding it. Is there a special reason cuz I'd really love to know! I've increased my borax and washing soda to one cup per recipe and think it works just fine.


Lil said...

Gotcha! Thanks for the reply!

sew sweet vintage said...

We made one for this the dishwasher too, but not as sweet as this! Pinned:) New follow. Follow back at http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/02/fabulous-flourless-peanut-butter-cookies.html