Monday, February 4, 2013

This could be the year for the real thing

Everybody's doing it.

At least that's what it seems like.  It's February, love month.  There's all the candies and sentiments and jewelry commercials.  It's Keenan's birthday soon. There's pressure everywhere to LOVE gosh darnit.

And then, Saturday night, after Sloane is in bed we settle in for a film.  And somehow we get into an argument, a literal raised voice, hurt feelings argument over whether the movie Seven Psychopaths is gratuitous for gratuitous(ity's?) sake or if the screenwriter's intent of cinematic commentary was useful.  (Seriously these are the things we argue about).  And it wasn't until morning that we both conceded that not arguing with each other is more important than the artistic merit of a movie.

Flash forward to sitting in church on Sunday the minister informs us that he is beginning a series on relationships, and loving our spouses and not being selfish, and being kind (my stomach was gurgling from guilt not the thought of Super Bowl snacks).

Then surfing my blog reader on my new phone one of my favorite blogs is just sweet as usual.

Everybody's doing it but us.

This month, Keenan and I are co-directing a show that goes up in the end of the month, he is starring in a show (where he commutes 45 minutes one-way each evening) which goes up the end of the month.  I find myself quite often wishing away the entire next three weeks.  Get me to the pay-off and get it over with.  PLEASE.

Sure I could chalk up February as commercialized.  Or I could use it to motivate myself to work on myself and our relationship.  Especially when I know how busy this month is, it's a good time to remind myself and the Mr. how great everything really is.

There are only 24 more days of the month.  So I've written myself a question on every day of my planner.  How will I show love today?  I don't like unanswered questions.

first photo of us

So in the spirit of February and in this love story that I keep coming back to...and in our own love story. I am going to focus less on "what have you done for me lately?"

I mean, cause a girl who gets to be married to a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to this guy, shouldn't complain too much.

So the birthday will be the easiest day.  Now to figure out something a little special for the other 23 days.

lyrics courtesy of my favorite (don't call it corny) duet: Islands in the Stream (ok it's a little corny): Dolly & Kenny

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Ashley H said...

such a good idea. how can I show love today? I think I need to try this out with TJ because we have our first counseling session/meeting with a therapist tomorrow. & I know I have things *I* need to work on as well.
I'm going to try to be inspired by you & to show more love every day.