Thursday, February 14, 2013

You deserve an award for the role that you played

It's the day of love. And there are few things I love more than awards season! I love the fashion & the films and (sometimes) the actors themselves. In anticipation for the Oscars (AHHHHHH!YEAH!!!!) coming soon & the Independent Spirit Awards (coming one day sooner!), I am going to show you my favorite and my worst dressed of the awards season so far and leave you with some wishes for the Academy Awards and my predictions.

My favorite of the globes...Claire can do no wrong (plus she just had a baby!)
Atelier Versace-- her kohl rimmed eyes make it, in my humble opinion
She did the Angelina Jolie leg pose!  I thought we heard the end of it.
My worst of the night (again this is Atelier Versace)
SURPISE-- a lot of people hated this.  I don't like the fishtail braid but I LOVE BALL GOWNS
And this Carolina Herrera is no exception.

Best of the was divine, and the Lorraine Schwartz Art Deco pendant...I die.

You know what else can go away along with Angelina inspired leg-slit poses?  Side-boob.  Yuck. Michelle Dockery in  Chado Ralph Rucci.  Michelle can stay in the post-Edwardian era.

SURPRISE-- I can't stand Marion (like at all), but I  LOVE this DIOR...LOVE
I don't usually count the Grammy's in my award season viewing, let alone fashion as I tend to prefer the classic to the outrageous.  But this year I did love a few looks.

Carrie in Cavalli = Flawless
Dear Gucci, I am a sucker for green on the red carpet...and I do not oppose cleavage (just side boob)
She's SO pretty-- but the hair is too sparse and the leg is too, well I've already told you now a few times. WORST!

Dear Solange, Ralph Russo, those pumps and that natural hair did you RIGHT.  Surprise, I love it all, head to toe!
Predictions for the Academy Awards...Best Pic- Argo, Best Actor- DDL (although Bradley Cooper had such a performance in Silver Linings!), Best Actress- Chastain (I love Wallis too).

I wanna see ball gowns ladies....  someone please wear these...

Arca Reem 2013 collection

Love the red, love the fushia
Dear Jessica, You are beautiful in sapphire!  
Miss Wallis,  you rock that puppy purse.  You are only  the youngest oscar nominee once! 
I found all the photos at the page I am addicted to each year:  RCFA!

Enjoy the show all, I can't wait!

title courtesy of lyrics of Oscar nominee herself: Madge-- Take a bow

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Ashley H said...

Loved Claire's red dress. HatedhatedHATED JLo's hair. I mean, seriously?!