Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I guess I just lost my balance. (Shame files: Organization Series Week 4)

I am back at it.  Showing the whole world (or at least my limited number of readers) my shameful clutter sins.    
Today it's time to admit that the clutter had spread to my whole life.  Including my car.

I was driving around in clutter (easy to do with a contributing two year old).

And it took forever people. I mean like I am still working on it.  First I removed all the junk and sorted it into 3 different bags and then I dumped it all in front of our front door in order to make myself put it away again (this trick works great for me).

After I vacuumed, and scrubbed and scraped (eww what was that substance?) Here's how I organized my little car...
Document & maintenance file --- via

Ordered this from etsy in a cute fabric!
And I made one of these. This image is from Pinterest.  I will upload my whole finished product when my organizer arrives!

It's honestly a breath of fresh air in my car.  It previously smelled a little bit like a toddler after a long day at the park.  Cannot wait to get my hands on my organizer and fill it up with goodies for Sloane to reach on the road.

Hope you have something to link up this week too! title courtesy of Sloane's favorite sing-along song at the moment...Taylor, I knew you were trouble


Meg said...

Great job! I cleaned my car this week too! I love that organizer, I may have to get one (or make one). And that bag holder is awesome! I don't think I'm following you on Pinterest. I';m going to have to do that.

Ashley H said...

Great idea for that organizer! I feel like I need one of those for Bentley's crap. Portable water bowl, water bottles, tennis balls, leash, treats, toys, etc. I mean, it's like having a KID! Gaaa

& do we even want to mention the amount of dog hair. No crumbs for french fries on my floors(because he eats those of course) but the dog hair is EVERYwhere.