Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Grandpa!

Let's see...last weekend I scored a great bedside lamp, wall mirror and a vintage reader at the Plaza West yard sales, all for 9$. I got to see Mary Renee and a bunch of other friends at the Foundry. Went to the T-Bones game for my brother Camden's 15th Birthday with Keenan, Dad, Cam, Brooks, Tay, Matt & Maddy (plus 2 of the boy's friends). Watched Cam "sumo wrestle" in one of those hilarious suits, at the bottom of the sixth inning. Played "TV Scene It" with a bunch of friends from Keenan's cast.

This weekend it's my Grandpa Rietzke's Birthday (actually it's today, but we are celebrating this weekend). Unfortunately he has to have chemo today. Fortunately my mom is bringing balloons up to the chemo center for each of the patients! I will ride home with Matt & Maddy tomorrow and it will be nice to see my family again this weekend. Also hopefully I can squeeze in a haircut.

Saw Away We Go last night. It was cute definitley. Super sweet and a little enlightening.

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