Thursday, November 20, 2008


the agenda this weekend does not include a trip to my hometown to hang out with my friends. this saddens me. therefore i must make the most of my weekend time here. here's what i'm thinking (of course all of this will be solo because, surprise: actors work all weekend).

twilight (duh)
scrapping --it happens to be a cybercrop weekend
taking photos in the brisk air
thrifting (i want wine glasses and vintage storage solutions so that I can copy Rachel)
working on christmas presents
catching up on dvr'd shows
deciding what to make for mom's thanksgiving & procuring ingredients
poring over etsy
making my own christmas list

what are you doing?


Sarah said...

I'm seeing Twilight today! Hope it's not a let down! Can't wait to hear your take on it.

Ashley said...

vintage storage solutions. sign me up. I want pics of waht you find! I need ideas.

rachel whetzel said...

Can't wait to see what thrifty goodness you found! Saw Twilight today, and thought it was very satisfying. :) (well, once I molest my husband)