Sunday, November 30, 2008

why can't we get november back again?

my title is from one of my favorite gentlemen at the center. near the end of the month he always asks "why is it that we can't get *november* (insert current month) back again?"

thanksgiving was perfect. really. spent lots of time in salina. wednesday-sunday. got some great deals on black friday, including 2 pairs of jeans and some oh-so-chic-black-boots. plus, of course, some gifts.

i might actually put up my christmas decorations this year...i know, what?

i am already ready for christmas break. there are only 17 days until the center party that i am planning. i am so far from ready it's ridiculous. got to get to work tomorrow. but tonight i think i am going to forget all about it and watch brothers & sisters. now. goodnight.

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