Tuesday, November 11, 2008

photo-documentation of my life

“This is a tree on fire with love, but it’s still scary since most people think love only looks like one thing instead of the whole world.” Brian Andreas

us...pre-migraine that ruined my night

hello, baby.
the guys...pre-being-soaked in line at the Ben Folds/Missy Higgins concert.
just down the block from me...
price a'la rocky horror picture show
mike, stevie, keenan, and fab uncle gene

note the book in the corner of the pic...this is what happens when you wait 4 hours
evidence of long line of people participating in the democratic process.

mr. maxx. my bff's child. looking oh-so-cute in a robot onsie i gave.
I'm trying to catch up on fall. Here's most of the photos that prove I've done something w/ my life this season besides lie in bed with a headache. They've changed my medicine again and I have been pain-free lots of days, which is a definite improvement. Now if I could only sleep.
Went home last weekend. Such a nice pace there. It doesn't take long to drive across town or to run to the grocery store. Plus I got to see most of my family, watch Tay dance at a FB game, eat & yard sale w/ Bre, cuddle Maxx and get a haircut from my hairdresser.
Never see Keenan, we are like that cliche...ships in the night? Or is it trains in the night? I am pretty sure it's ships...I am so ready for Suessical to be over with and it's barely begun.
Going to a creative arts conference next weekend, and then it's almost the holidays, and TWILIGHT...(I am such a dork).
Feel wishy-washy about a lot in my life right now, which is not a good feeling as I am a pretty cut-throat-decisive person. Although nostalgia seems to be giving way.
Really I have hardly anything to say...hopefully the pictures were enough to hold my blog over til the next time I get motivated to actually write something. In good notes, I have a quarter of my Christmas shopping done. Hoping to be completely done by December. We'll see...

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Ashley said...

loving all the pics. glad you are increasing your number of pain-free days!