Tuesday, November 4, 2008

my birds nest

scrapbooked tonight, my parents circa 1983...and hallejuah have an internet connection. feeling better health-wise as far as my cold goes...however have been medicating to hopefully ward off the weather-induced migraine that could rear it's head this week.

voted today. after a 4 hour wait. 2 hours in line not moving a muscle because they had the wrong precint books...then they brought the books...oops, nope they were the wrong books AGAIN. then another 2 hours once the line started moving. I was at my polling place in Missouri from 6:15am-10am. NPR interviewed me on a local show about my adventure...you can listen to it here.

i didn't mean it to sound like...it's great to vote since i'm a woman, but for it to sound like i am very proud that my sisters struggled to get the right to vote for me and my sister, mother, neice and girlfriends.

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