Monday, November 24, 2008

weekend update

Here' s how productive/unproductive I was this weekend...

  • twilight: saw it sunday evening w/ Keenan.
  • scrapping --got 3 of the 5 challenges done
  • baking: baked cinnamon rolls and a caramel pumpkin pie, along w/ cooked french onion pork chops
  • taking photos in the brisk air: nil, oops
  • thrifting: bought a desk (25$) lots of little golden books for cheap and about 100 children's letter blocks for projects. the desk is the best. it's gorgeous.
  • working on christmas presents: i refuse to talk about christmas at this time as i am depressed completely about it.
  • catching up on dvr'd shows: watched top chef,
  • deciding what to make for mom's thanksgiving & procuring ingredients: decided on sweet potatoes and caramel pumpkin pie and french onion dip. Got everything except the sweet potatoes they will be cheaper in Salina.
  • poring over etsy: nope...
  • making my own christmas list: sort of...did think of a few things I want.

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