Monday, November 24, 2008

where u should be no one's around...

I am a complete dork and just realized that music videos are on you tube...even old music videos. I thought you tube was just clips of hilarious home video that people made of their British children (ouch, charlie bit me) I am completely reliving the 90's tonight w/ my favorite band ever...found this gem. Adam looks so young...

Been thinking of this album (August & Everything After) a lot lately...ever since August (fitting, huh?). This is my favorite album ever-always has been and I wonder often if it always will be, and the first time I heard it I was laying on the floor of my high school boyfriend's basement room. This August he ended his life (there is no un-awkward way to write that is there?). He loved this album then. We loved this album. I wonder if he still did...I still do.

"There's things I remember, things I forget. I miss you, I guess that I should. 3500 miles away, what would you change if you could"

"I need a raincoat."

I keep thinking of that evening, it was after a long day of forensics practice, we were acting partners for 3 years...I wish desperately I could remember the first song I heard from the album (of course I'd heard the radio releases and loved Mr. Jones and Round Here but I know it was one of the ones only a crows fan could name that left me speechless). I am assuming it was one of the first tracks-- it wasn't this track or "murder of one" as they are one of the last ones. I am thinking it could have been "sullivan street" or "perfect blue buildings". I am not sure why I have spent so much time since august trying to capture this memory. I think my subconscious thinks there is something in those lyrics. Not something to explain why, but maybe something to make me feel better. I think it will come to me eventually. I hope it will.

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