Monday, November 17, 2008


You add value to people when you value them. John C Maxwell

That quote is so appropriate for my day-to-day life. I encounter many people on a day to day basis who think that my job is something strange, or "sweet", or never really going to make anything any better and it's hard at times to stay above the criticism and know what it is I know: all people have value. The folks I work with are creative and kind and forthcoming and honest and worthy of having a good life. They also can be mean and angry and furtive, immature and loud and inappropriate...I don't really know a person who isn't all these things at some points in their lives.

I am so irritated today because I feel so terrible, I don't want to be at work, but one of my employees called-off sick and I also have missed a lot of work since I've been here due to migraines. I am achy and nauseated and feel that apparently my flu shot a month ago did bumpkis for this strain that I must have. Trying to get all my work done efficiently and just hope the time passes quickly. I am really on the fence about my career lately, actually I am not on the fence about my career, but my place of employment. I am unsure of what to do (boy that was redundant, as I just told you I was "on the fence").

In somewhat more hopeful news...on Saturday I did a little "spirit card" reading w/ myself. I bought some art therapy cards at the conference I attended this weekend and you can use them similar to tarot cards (although they are a lot milder in nature). I drew the "healing sleep" card a few times (out of 55 cards) as what should be an "outcome forthcoming." I am hoping there is something to that. Goodness knows I need some healing sleep.

Back to work...blech.

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